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Haven City Phase 2





Haven City Phase 2 is a unique, serene and secure environment with an elegant ambiance designed to give you and your family the feeling of comfort and security. Nothing is quite as fulfilling as knowing that you own something incredibly beautiful, Haven City Phase 2 is a 100% dry land, buy and build located in Odo-Agboju along the Epe and Ijebu Ode Expressway, it is less than a minute drive from the newly constructed toll-gate and about 15 minutes drive from the popular Oasis Garden Estate in Epe.

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500 SQM



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Interlock road





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What To Know About Haven City Phase 2

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before subscribing to The Haven City Estate Phase 2 by appending your signature to the space provided below. Note that Photizo Properties and Investment Ltd will only accept the confirmation of subscription upon your acceptance and compliance with these terms and conditions. These terms and condiƟons shall be applicable to all subscribers, agents, legal representatives, assigns and their successors-in-title. Upon subscription, you are required to fill in all required details as contained in the official subscription form given to you by Photizo Properties and Investment Ltd. The company will not be liable for errors or misinformation in the cause of filling the form. And every request for correction shall attract extra charges to correct in your survey and other documents. The terms and conditions is an integral part of the subscription and should be read thoroughly. By signing in the provided space at the bottom of this document, you agree that you have received, read, understood and agreed to be bound by terms as contained herein.

1. Payment And Documentation
Upon completion of allpayments including the statutory fee, you will be given your payment receipt, invoice , Deed of Assignment and Contract sales. Your allocation details shall be final and you would recieve your Survey plan on the day of allocation.

2. Allocation
The final and physical allocation shall be granted six month after which the full of the total cost of the property has been made, this is to allow us to properly plan for the allocation.

3. Termination Of Contract
Photizo Properties Limited reserve the right to terminate your subscription when you subsequently fail to meet the payment plans, your failure to adhere to the terms and conditions contained herein or meet the purchase requirements. We will not take the responsibility to find a third party to acquire your property on your behalf rather, your subscription will be revoked and you shall be fully refunded but less 40% administrative fees.

4. Ownership
Your deposit does not guarantees you a portion of land in The Haven City Phase 2, it is only a show of your interest to own a property within the estate. The ownership of any portion of land in The Haven City Estate Phase 2 does not commence until the completion of the total cost of property

5. Transfer of interest
In the event that you choose to sell your housing unit, you will be required to complete your change of ownership procedure. The applicable fees shall be a non-refundable sum of N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira Only) per unit. This transfer fee is subject to upward review and it is required to be paid before title is transferred to the new purchaser. Both parties are at liberty to agree on who bears the cost of transfer of interest. Where property is being transferred to a third party, the purchaser shall bear the cost of procuring a fresh survey plan, deed of assignment and any other documents relevant to title. The applicable cost shall be communicated to parties at the point of notification of transfer.

6. Land Size
The size of the land is usually 500SQM on the estate, however, the land measurements on the survey plan varies in numbers and most time below 500SQM, this measurement depends on the bearing of the land and does not mean your land is not complete. you relaible surveyor can confirms this for you.

7. Default
Yes. A default in your payment plan will aƩract monthly 5% interest on past due amount. In a case of 2 successive defaults within 6 months, your subscription shall be terminated and you will be fully refunded but less 40% administrative fees.

7. Refund
All request for refund will be processed within 90 days upon which you will be fully refunded but less 40% administrative fees.

8. Amendation of Terms And Conditions
Photizo Properties Limited reserves the right to change these terms and conditions to accommodate changes in market/industry situations.

1. Where is Haven City Phase 2?
Odo-Agboju, by the Epe Tollgate.

2. Who is the owner / developer of Haven City Phase 2?
Photizo Properties and Investment Limited

3. What type of infrastructure will the estate provide?
Perimeter Fencing, Drainage System, Interlocked Road Network Within the Estate, Electricity Lights

4. When will I get my Deed of Assignment and survey?
The Deed of Assignment and survey will be ready within 90 days after 100% of all payment

5. Would there be legal fee?
Yes, legal fee is just N30,000 per plot.

6. Would there be development levy?
Yes. It is an all inclusive price.

7. Would there be Statutory fee payment?
Yes. It is an all inclusive price..

8. When will my plot(s) be allocated to me?
6 months after the completion of all payments, this is to allow us properly plan for the allocation.

9. What will I get after completion of payment?
Invoice, Receipt and Contract Of Sales

10. What does it takes to acquire a commercial plot ir a corner piece?
Commercial plots and corner piece attract 30% surcharge

11. What title does Haven City Phase 2 have on the land?
C of O in progress (file number IJO/SL/C64)

12. Is the road to the estate Motor-able?
Yes, the road leading to the estate is motor-able

13. Can I pay in Installment?
Yes, we have payment plans that fits every budget.

14. Is there a time frame before the commencement of work can start on my land after allocation?
No, there is no time limit to commence work, clients can access their land immediately after allocation. Maintenance of the undeveloped plots must be done frequently by the allottee.

15. Can I re-sell my plots or property?
A subscriber can resell his/her property after they have been allocated. However, a letter of notice of ownership transfer should be written to Photizo Properties and Investment Limited (info@photizoproperties.com).

16. What is the size of the plot?
50ft x 100ft (500sqm).

17. If I paid outright payment or installment payments for my plot(s) and I’m no longer interested can I get a refund?
Yes, you can get refund with a 90 days’ notice, however there is a strict 40% administrative and agency fee deduction.

18. Can I pay cash to your agent?
No, all payment must be made to the company's account
Description Amount
Accout Name Photizo Properties Limited
Bank Name Zenith Bank 1015949898, Gtbank 0530553981

Avaliable Payment Plan

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