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  • 22/04/2022

Adunni Terraces

Lekki Peninsula Scheme 2




Owning a home is now made easy!
Welcome to Adunni Terraces, your cozy and comfortable dwelling place, offering you and your family a comfortable ambiance. This magnificent 4bedroom terrace is equipped with high-tech state of the arts modern aesthetic designs combined with industrial materials. Located in Lekki scheme 2 by Abraham Adesanya with the title of Governor's consent. Enjoy constant electricity with a standby generator, ample parking space, clean water, a good road network, security, and much more high-end amenities.

Facts and Features

Electrical Fittings
Sanitary Wares Fittings
Internal Painting
Ample Parking Space
Standby Generator
Internal & External Doors
Fitted Kitchen
POP Installation
Shower Area

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What To Know About Adunni Terraces

Please read carefully the terms and condi ons for our Adunni Terraces before appending your signature to the space provided for the same on the subscribing form. Kindly note, that Photizo Properties Ltd will only accept the confirmation of subscrip on upon your acceptance and compliance with these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions shall be applicable to all subscribers, their assigns, and successors-in-title. Upon subscription, therefore, you are required to fill in all required details as contained in the official subscription form given to you by Photizo Properties Ltd correctly. The company shall not be liable for errors or misinformation in the cause of filling the form and any request for correction, amendment, or deletion resulting therefrom and affecting the survey and other documents shall attract extra charges. By signing in the provided space at the bo om of this document, you agree that you have received, read, understood, and hereby agree to be bound by terms and condi ons as contained herein.

1. Electricity
This shall be provided by the power holding company, allottees are however expected to buy and connect their own separate meter to their units and subscribe to electrical services at their own expense. In addition, solar Conduits will be provided as a backup with each allottee providing their inverter. A Central Generator will be provided also as a backup to the EKEDC. There will be a service charge of N1,500,000 which covers the cost of a Standby generator of 150 KVA and water.

2. Water
Water will be provided with each unit. Landlords will be responsible for the maintenance.

3. Termination Of Contract
Photizo Properties Limited reserves the right to terminate your subscription on upon your failure to meet the payment plan agreed upon or your failure to adhere to the terms and conditions contained herein and or meet the purchase requirements. Please note that Photizo Properties Limited will not undertake the responsibility of finding a third party to acquire your property on your behalf in any of these circumstances, rather, your subscription will be revoked and you shall be fully refunded the sum paid, less 20% administrative fees.

4. Ownership
Your deposit immediately entitles you to a subscription slot. Actual construction of any unit therefore shall only commence when at least a sum equivalent to 50% of the purchase price has been paid. Any installment payment must accumulate up to 50% before the subscriber is guaranteed a housing unit.

5. Default
Yes. A default in your payment plan shall attract monthly 5% interest on the past due amount. In the case of 2 successive defaults within 3 - 4 months, your subscription on shall be terminated and you will be fully refunded but less 20% administrative fees.

6. Refund
In the event of a request for refund by a subscriber, their assigned or successors-in-title, you are required to give a 90 days notice in writing to Photizo Properties Limited commencing from the date of receipt of your notice and the Company will ensure your refund is processed not later than the said notice period of 90 days, but such refund shall be subject to 20% administrative fee deduction.

7. Land Use Charge
Each house owner is required to pay for the Land Use Charge and other applicable statutory charges to the Lagos State Government.

8. Allocation
The final and physical allocation shall be granted upon full payment of the property purchase price. Please note that land measurements for each unit may vary in size and the final measurement of the land will be confirmed upon the allocation of each unit. A request for re-allocation will not be automatic; you may be required to make an additional payment for requesting a re-allocation.

9. Payment And Documentation
Upon full payment for your housing unit, your allocation details shall be final and you would have received your payment receipt and contract of sale. Upon payment for your title documents, you would receive your Survey Plan and Deed of Assignment. Kindly note that you will be responsible for the perfection of your title documents.

10. Service charge
You will be required to pay an annual service charge which shall cover the cost of maintenance of common utilities and the common area within the estate. Service Charge payment becomes payable upon the handing over of your unit to you and is subject to review to reflect economic realities.

11. Marketing Materials
Renditions of the Estate and Units made in marketing materials are renditions of artists and are not the final designs or layout for the property purchased. Photizo Properties Ltd will ensure delivery of your housing unit with an extreme resemblance to the actual rendition requested in the marketing communication material. However, slight variations are inevitable in construction realities.

12. Amendation of Terms And Conditions
Photizo Properties Limited reserves the right to change these terms and conditions to accommodate changes in market/industry situations.

1. Who is the owner / developer of Adunni Terraces?
Photizo Properties Limited

2. What type of title does Adunni Terraces Estate have?
Governor’s Consent

3. What type of infrastructure will the estate provide?
Perimeter Fencing, Drainage System, Interlocked Road Network Within the Estate & Street Lights.

4. What is the payment structure?
Outright = 65M, 3 Months Plan = 67.5M, 4 - 6 Months Plan = 70M, 7 - 12 Months Plan 75M (All with 50% Initial Deposit) which is ₦32,500,000.00

5. What type of building is avaliable on Adunni Terraces?
4 Bedroom all Ensuite Terraces

6. What is the delivery time for each building?
The delivery is 18 months, however, your 50% initial deposit guarantees you a unit of Adunni Terraces, proper handover will be done after all payment including the statutory fee and procurement chares have been fully paid.

7. Would there be statutory charges?
Yes, There will be statutory charges of:
Description Content
Deed of Assignment 2.5% of the total property
Survey Cost of producing survey N1,200,000, and payment of any other fee as may be required by the State government.

To be paid directly into the company's account provided below together with the the total cost the property.
Account Details Content
Account Number 0011099802
Bank Name Jaiz Bank

8. Would there will be infrastructure fee
No. House owners are only required to pay the sum of N1,500,000 which covers the purchase of a Standby generator of 150 kVA and water. All maintenance of the house shall be borne by the house owner.

9. Can I pay to your agent?
It is in the nature of the real estate business that real estate sales-people market real estate properties from various companies including ours. However, it is the company policy that all payments relating to Photizo Properties Limited’s Real Estate Products, be made into the company’s accounts. All cheques and bank drafts should be made in favor of Photizo Properties Limited. The company will not be responsible for any loss occurring from not adhering to the policy.

10. If I make outright or installment payments for the house and i'm no longer interested can I get a refund?
Yes, you can get a refund which will be processed after a 90 days notice period. Also, note that there is a 20% administrative fee deduction from the amount paid.

11. Will there be service charge?
No. There shall be no service charge for this property except as required by the main Estate Authority..

12. What will I get after the payment?
After the 50% initial deposit, you are entitled to a receipt and contract of sale. You will get a deed of assignment and a registered survey 14 days after the full payment has been made. Your survey will be provided to you after all the statutory fees have been fully paid for and you are being allocated.

13. What happen if I can not continue with the payment, Can I get refund?
Yes, you can get a refund but you are required to give a 90 days notice in writing to the company from which your refund shall be processed and shall be fully refunded but less 20% administrative fees.

14. When Will I get my allocation?
Physical allocation will be done 18 months after the full payment of the total purchase price and statutory charges.

15. What is the foundation details of Adunni Terraces?
Before embarking on construction, a Soil test was carried out which Informed the kind of foundation in place. A Raft foundation was done. The development and foundation are higher than existing road levels.

16. What are the finishing details of Adunni Terraces?
Electrical Fittings and Lightings, All Sanitary Wares Fittings, Internal Painting, Internal and External Doors, Windows, Fitted Kitchen, Tiling, and POP Installation.

Avaliable Payment plans.

Choose your preferred payment plan with initial deposit of ₦35,000,000.00



  • Procurement

    ₦1,500,000 .00

  • Survey


  • Deed


1 - 3 Months


  • Procurement

    ₦1,500,000 .00

  • Survey


  • Deed


4 - 6 Months


  • Procument

    ₦1,500,000 .00

  • Survey


  • Deed


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